ROX is a natural extract of rosemary in light green colored powder with a characteristic aroma of rosemary. It is a natural antioxidant, its use lengthen the shelf-life of products, controls the formation of free radicals, enhances the immune response and reduces the physiological stress of cells, tissues and organs. Sevecom offers it on the market both in powder (ROX P) and in liquid form (ROX L).

BIOTAN 2000 ® is produced only with the carob pulp (Ceratonia siliqua). The pulp is inside the carob and around the grains (5 to 10 grains for each). This pulp is toasted and grinded in small particles of around 100 microns to increase its digestibility. It is rich in different sugars,...


Orymax is a complementary feed for all animal species produced by Aspergillus Oryzae on particular nutrient substrates selected in order to maximize the active constituents of the fermented product. After fermentation, the microorganism is thermically devitalized, stabilizing the metabolites and...


Lactex ® 8073, cooked and micronized, has been designed specifically to be incorporated in food for calves. The benefits derived from its use are many, including: It is an alternative source of protein and sugars of great nutritional value; It’s a cheap and easy to use...


Dietary pea fiber for all animal species. The pea fiber is a film that is obtained from the mechanical pea decortication and represents about 7% of the whole seed. Its color is white-cream.


Bentonite is a absorbent aluminium phyllosilicate. It consists mainly of montmorillonite (> 60%). Nowadays is the most effective way to protect animals from mycotoxins in feed. Mycotoxins are poisonous compounds formed by mold fungi of various species, and it's very difficult to prevent the...


Binder powder with low dosage use. The use of this binder, based on natural polysaccharides, is recommended for all the pelleted feeds. Madeol has a high binding power and the pellet obtained by its use is compact, glossy and resistant to mechanical stress.


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