Lactalis Group is the world leader for production capacity and technological expertise, and can provide serum of different kinds, sweet or acidic, thin or greased, as well as a number of special products such as lactose, whey protein (WPC), buttermilk.
All these products are characterized by an enviable quality consistency, which results from complete mastery of the treatment of the raw material, its conservation and subsequent processing.
The liquid serum used by the Lactalis Group, derived for more than 95% from milk processed by dairies owned by the group or by affiliated dairies, is carefully checked and selected on arrival, stored and preserved at low temperatures, concentrated, crystallized and dried in accordance with an internationally patented method.
The dried serums of the Lactalis Group represent a new generation of products fully standardized with the highest quality standards, always constant and very reliable over time, often specifically designed for the requirements suggested by various uses envisaged by the feed industry.

  • HF Acid Whey
  • NH Acid Whey
  • Delattosate Whey
  • HF Sweet Whey
  • Fatted Whey
  • WPC 35% 
  • Contcentradet Dairly Product

BETA-MEL, derived from the processing of beet molasses is, without a doubt a product that stands out for its excellent organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. BETA-MEL is particularly indicated in diets for ruminants. For monogastric animals, its use is recommended at a lower dose. BETA-MEL...


DRY GLUTAM is high protein Molasses derivate in powder form (in microsphere).


GLUCOSEV is a liquid feed with a very high molasses content, suitable for all animal species. GLUCOSEV is designed to make the most of the economic benefits of molasses by eliminating the operational and nutritional problems. It’s almost always fluid, as its level of viscosity at 5°C...


Cotton seed: Proteins and energy for the best dairy cows Sevecom introduced it, first, as a fundamental food for the best dairy cows nearly 30 years ago. Cotton seeds are derived from the collection and processing of the cotton fibers for the textile industry. They have the shape and size of a...


SOYBEAN MEAL FLOUR (normal and protein)


Sunflower extraction flour  


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