Controlling bacteria and molds and, as a consequence, potential unwanted fermentations inside raw materials used for feed production, surely is a very important point to be considered when producing all kinds of feed. 

Using preservatives when treating both raw materials and final products is a widespread and advised practice, especially in very common situations derived from environmental stress conditions such as: high external moisture and temperatures, big temperatures variations during the day, presence of products that are particularly sensible to oxidations. 

Sevecom, during the years, has gained a strong experience in this specific sector that has allowed it to become a reliable supplier of products used by feed producers and farmers to prevent these very harmful problems. 


Acidifiers are largely used in feed industry because they are able to acidifier feed ingredients, reducing their pH and contrasting their buffering capacity.  

Through this, they can therefore inhibit the microbial growth of feed, contrasting the development of molds, yeasts and pathogenic bacteria. 

As a consequence, the use of acidifiers allows to obtain feed characterized by high quality and security, with a longer shelf-life. 


Raw materials and final products contain several substances that are sensible to oxidations. If these are not controlled, they can cause negative effects that reduce the quelity and shelf-life of feed. 

For this reason, it is fundamental to use antioxidant ingredients able to neutralize free radicals in order to avoid occurrence of oxidative stress. In this way, it is possible to maintain the original quality, characteristics and shelf-life of products.   

  • ​Act agains the development of pathogenic bacteria, molds and yeasts in feed 
  • Avoid unwanted fermentations
  • Neutralize phenomena of oxidative stress
  • Allow to control the negative effects derived from environmental stress conditions 
  • Mantein or increase the quality, characteristics and shelf-life of products

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