When formulating a feed, it is very important to use ingredients with a good protein and amino acid value and to utilize the most suited protein source for every diet or animal species.  

Thanks to its network and experience gained over the years, Sevecom is able to offer a wider range of proteins of both vegetal and animal origin, for every application.

Our products are protein sources characterized by great palatability and high digestibility, which support growth, performance and health of every animal species.

We also offer a wide range of innovative proteins characterized by a high sustainability.

  • Pea protein: source of proteins and carbohydrates with high nutritional value, very palatable to all young animals.
  • Soya protein concentrate: derived from high quality soya, GMO free, cultivated and harvested in a sustainable way.
  • Liquid vegetable concentrates: highly energetic, palatable, source of several vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
  • Potato protein: characterized by high protein level and amino acid profile, particularly rich in lysine.
  • Rice protein: good protein source, characterized by high palatability and digestibility.
  • Hydrolysed salmon proteins: without additives added, characterized by high digestibility of protein and amino acids.
  • Porcine hydrolysed protein: safe source of low molecular weight biopeptides, highly palatable and digestible.
  • Insect proteins: derived from Hermetia illucens following the model of circular economy, which allows to reduce the energy used and CO2 emissions in the environment.
  • High palatability
  • Great digestibility
  • Good amino acid profile
  • Very sustainable
  • Support animal health
  • Improve animal performance

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