Even if already foreseen in the last decades, only recently the importance of moisture's role in feed industry has been completely understood. Therefore, moisture has become one of the fundamental parameters to check during the production of all feed types.

Controlling properly the moisture level can for sure be considered one of the most important keys to determine the success of a modern feed industry. 

Sevecom, thanks to its long experience in this sector, can formulate specific products that are suitable for the most modern and advanced production systems. 


Emulsifiers possess a great affinity with water. 
As a consequence, they can be succssfully utilized to increase the water percentage in feed.

Indeed, a better benetration of moisture in raw materials' particles determines a better starch cooking and several other positive effects on physical and organoleptic properties of feed.  


These specific blends are able to bond water molecules slowing down its flow or turning it into gel.

There are several types of gel and gravy used in wet pet food, therefore each product has its own need. 

With the right hydrocolloid blend it is possible to obtain a final product with the desired characteristics. 

  • Possess a great affinity with water molecules
  • Improve moisture penetration into every particles of raw materials
  • Allow to add more quantity of water into feed, without having the risk to molds formation
  • By bonding water molecules, they are able to create gel or other liquids with the desired characteristics 

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