Cotton seeds derive from the harvest and processing of cotton fibers for textile industry. They have the shape and dimension of a grain or of a paddy rice and they are coated by a strong, but thin blackish shell, covered by dense hair (white and delicate), represented by the residue part of the cotton fibres. The inclusion of cotton seeds in cows’ formulation stimulate the milk production and increase butyric content, improving the digestibility of all the feed.

Cotton seeds are administered as a whole, directly in the feeder, or in the mixer, together with corn silage, moist grain or other concentrate feed of the ration.The cotton seed grinding, other than being very difficult to made, is highly discouraged, since it negatively interferes on the nutritional properties of the product.

  • Appearance: whitish grain
  • Crude protein: 19-22%
  • Crude fat: 18-20%
  • Crude cellulose 20-24%
  • Dairy cows: 2-3 kg/head/day
  • Beef cattle: 0.5-1 kg/head/day
  • Sheep and goats: 0.2-0.3 kg/head/da
  • Bulk
  • Stimulate milk production
  • Increase butyrate content
  • Improve the digestibility of all the ration
  • Highly increase energetic content of the ration

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