Products for the feed industry and for livestock breeding


Products for the feed industry and for livestock breeding



Research and marketing of raw materials and nutritional products with high technological content.

Sevecom, whose origins date back to 1978, has acquired a leading and perhaps unique role in the market in which it operates, and has been representing for many years major international companies, producers of raw materials and finished products.

Sevecom is therefore the ideal connection between the manufacturer and the feed engineer or the consumer , thanks to its well-experienced team of specialists, researchers, commercial operators and entrepreneurs, who know the market, introduce the new products and devote their outmost attention to every phase of their relationship with the customers.

The main objective of Sevecom has always been to offer to the customers a range of products carefully chosen, along with useful technical and scientific information that optimize their use.



   History: Sevecom Milestones

After many years of experience in the business of raw materials and additives for the food industry, Nazzaro Serino founded Sevecom and established his sales office in Milan

Exclusive sale contract with Besnier (now Groupe Lactalis) for dairy feed products

Began importing cotton seed as feed for dairy cows from the United States, Brazil and Africa

Contract with Pancosma (Switzerland) for exclusive sales of sweeteners, flavors and organic minerals

Exclusive sale contract with Christian Hansen Bio System (USA-Denmark) additive Bioplus 2B

Began importing cotton seed from Greece

Collaborative Research Agreement for Field Trials (poultry and swine) with I.S.A.N ( Feed Science and Nutrition Institute of the Piacenza University)

Contract with ?i?ecam (Turkey) for exclusive sales of sodium bicarbonate

Contract with Sabo (Italy) for exclusive sales of feed grade emulsifiers. Development of technological and functional feed emulsifiers

Exclusive sale contract with Sotexpro (France) for vegetable starches and protein, co-products and dietary fibers

Exclusive sale contract with Ingrenat (Spain) for natural antioxidant

Exclusive sale contract with Xeda (Italy-France) for dry feed extract

Sevecom starts exporting emulsifiers worldwide, providing through local distributors major companies of feed for all animal species.

Sevecom obtains ISO 9001: 2008 certification. Research agreement for experimental scientific trials with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (Lodi University)

Sevecom obtains GMP+B3 certifications


Sevecom obtained GMP+B3 certification. Already in possess of the ISO 9001: 2008 certification, Sevecom S.p.A. has also obtained the prestigious GMP+ B3 certification, concerning Good Manufacturing Practice of Feed. The company has always paid attention to the quality of services offered to...





Sevecom is the exclusive distributor for the whole world for various types of emulsifiers with specific technological applications.
Sevecom emulsifiers, belong to the group of polyoxypropylene-polyoxyethylene polymers.
They are essential in the feed industry, First of all to enhance mixing properties of hydrophilic or lipophilic substances.
They are registered  in the “Community register of feed additives” (EU no. 1831/2003 – Annex: List of additives) as Emulsifier Agent (E 484)


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